Ritch creamy lotion composed of the below active ingredients:

Oat Extract

Oats contain a variety of skin beneficial molecules that are in high demand by cosmetic formulators. Using our advanced extraction technology, we have managed to isolate and remove these molecules from the plant, creating a range of powerful oat extracts.


SymCalmin is a 5% solution of a synthetic avenanthramide that is used as an anti-irritant/anti-itch with anti-histaminic properties. Avenanthramides are the active components of oat, responsible for its anti-inflammatory/anti-itch properties. SymCalmin is a 5 % solution of a synthetic avenanthramide, Dihydroavenanthramide D.

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SymRelief is a multiple-benefit synergistic blend of anti-irritants. It is a comprehensive solution targeting all majors inflammatory mediators and it has triple anti-irritant efficacy, which is a effective inhibitor of: IL-1α, TNFα, COX-2 & PGE2 (in vitro data). This product is a potent anti-oxidant.


Anasensyl acts proactively to increase the skin’s tolerance and reinforce its self-defense capacity, Cognis executives said.

Men’s skin is subjected regularly to shaving and UV radiation. In a clinical study of 28 male volunteers who shaved daily, the intensity of redness after shaving significantly decreased after regular applications of an after-shave balm containing Anasensyl.

More ingridients:
NAB Butterbur Extract
Aloe Vera

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