Wunder Eye Advance Cream composed of the below active ingredients details explain for your understanding:


Biophytex is a phyto-complex that boosts microcirculation to improve evenness of skin tone, offers local soothing, anti-couperose, and anti-eye dark circle demonstrated benefits. Rich in saponosides and flavonoids, Biophytex protects the blood capillaries, reinforces their strength and has an overall skin soothing, calming effect. Biophytex is a water-soluble liquid with an optimal pH level of 5-7.

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A natural, active polypeptidic ingredient extracted from peas, Proteasyl acts as a protease inhibitor, quickly improving skin elasticity. It rebalances the regenerative and destructive processes in the skin and increases the synthesis of proteoglycan and fibers. Studies have proven its efficacy on the arms, chest and face


Squalane and Squalene act as lubricants on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft, smooth appearance. These ingredients also act as hair conditioning agents.

Purified water

In making cosmetic products, distilled water is used as solvent. When you make your own beauty products, make sure to use purified water. Using normal tap water will decrease the quality and lifespan of your products because the water may contain substances or bacteria. This sometimes become the culprit of skin irritation or other skin problems.

Distilled water also used for cleaning purposes due to its ability to bind dirt and impurities that comes in contact. Washing your face with distilled water will improve penetration of products that you use after washing your face. This water is also good to use for cleaning build-ups on your hair.

Dycaprylyl Carbonate

According to the Personal Care Product Council’s Ingredient Infobase, dicaprylyl carbonate functions as a skin-conditioning agent, emollient and solvent. It may be derived from synthetic or animal sources; Paula’s Choice Skincare uses the synthetic form.

Dicaprylyl carbonate is desirable for products such as facial moisturizers because it spreads easily and leaves a velvety feel on skin without seeming greasy or slick. It also helps enhance the absorption of other ingredients in a cosmetic formula.

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