Sabi Glow Cream is used for improving the soothing the skin, skin structure, possessing anti-inflammatory action in the treatment of acne, inhibiting the light-induced carcinogenesis, treating hyperpigmentary disorders, producing moisturizing effect and minimizing the transepidermal water loss, increasing the nail growth rates in the remaining nails, enhancing the skin deposition of hydrophilic skin-whitening agents and providing whitening effects on the skin, inhibiting the dopa oxidase activity of tyrosinase and superoxide scavenging activities.

Sabi Glow Cream is also used for the solving of Skin whitening, Hyperpigmentary disorders, Skin aging, Skin lightening, Acne, Lightening the skin and other problems.

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A complete list of problems solve by using Sabi Glow Cream is as follows:

Skin lightening
Skin whitening
Skin aging
Skin ageing
Skin soothing
Cutaneous ulcers
Dryness of skin
Asteatotic eczema
Superficial burns
Atopic dermatitis
Lightening the skin
Yellow nail syndrome
Hyperpigmentary disorders

Benefits of Sabi glow Gream:

Steroid Free
Clinically & Dermatologically tested
Blended with natural ingredients for a glowing face
Visibly lightens the skin tone and reduces dark spots for a fairer looking skin

Direction for Use:
1. Massage until absorption
2. Apply the cream evenly on the skin
3. Cleanse face with a mild cleanser and pat dry.

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