Uniwhite cream is used for treating hyper pigmentary skin problems including superficial wrinkles and spots with or without skin roughness. It works by helping lighten the dark patches, maintaining uniform skin tone, and also smoothens out the skin reducing skin roughness and superficial wrinkles.

Uses of Uniwhite Cream

Maintains uniform skin tone
Helps to lighten dark patches and smoothens skin
Reduces skin roughness and superficial wrinkles

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Clean your face
Apply twice daily for a better result
Gently massage uniwhite over the affected area
Sun Protection Measures: It is strongly recommended to use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day to achieve better results in addition to limiting time spent in the sun especially from 10 to 2 pm.
Remember sun rays can reverse the depigmentation effect and hence protection of the affected skin from sun rays is essential.


Exercise and relax.
Drink lots of water.
Use only good quality skin care products.
Use natural cleansers to clean your face.
What Are The Things One Should Do To Manage Skincare
Whether you have acne or not, keep your face clean. Cleanse at least twice a day.
Find out the exact cause of your skin problem as skin problems can be caused due to hormonal changes, taking contraceptive pills, stress, smoking, overexposure to sun etc. Identify the root cause and make your treatment plan accordingly.

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