Demelan cream is indicated for treating dark discoloration caused by the sun, facial marks due to acne/pimples or eczema and light or dark brown patches, spots or marks on your face due to hormonal treatment. It also helps in the lightening of pregnancy marks after childbirth. Regular use of this cream with not only lighten pigmentation but will also make the skin look healthy and radiant.

Demelan cream can be used with the daily skincare regime. Apply a small amount of Demelan Cream to the affected areas after the cleansing routine. Discontinue once the discolored area returns to the same shade.

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How Demelan Cream works?

The demelan in cream to be composed of acids, having exfoliating properties and is used to remove dead skin cells favoring the formation of shiny new skin. The demelan not only acts on the surface of the skin, its ingredients intervene in the functioning of melanocytes, reducing and overproduction of melanin, which causes dark spots on the skin, besides having anti-inflammatory effects that prevent and diminish fine lines, wrinkles, pores and other signs of aging, improving the appearance and texture of the skin. This cream can be applied to all skin types and has been recommended for people with sensitive skin.


Improves skin texture and radiance: Reduces the expression lines and removes the dead skin cells, facilitating cell renewal.

It whitens the skin: It regulates the production of melanin by the melanocytes, The effect of the whitening action usually takes place after 1 week, and complete the clearing process after 2. Then you must stop using the demelan cream, to avoid over whitening the skin.

Broad-spectrum drug: This cream can be used in treatments of different conditions that cause facial and body hyperpigmentation, among the most common are:

Dark marks caused by acne or eczema.
Dark spots on the face due to sun exposure.
Symmetrical brown marks on your face caused by menopause.
Melasma, the condition developed during pregnancy, which persists after giving birth.
Patches or spots of light brown or dark color caused by the use of an oral contraceptive or hormone replacement therapy.

Safety: Although no medication is free of possible side effects, cases of adverse reactions to demelan are mild and rarely occur in comparison to other medicines of the same group. Some of them are dryness of the skin, stinging and burning sensation. These side effects occur after an over-application of the medication.

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