Papulex Oil-Free Cream is used for treating the acne,  soothing the skin, inhibiting the light-induced carcinogenesis, improving the skin structure, possessing anti-inflammatory action in the treatment of acne.

Papulex Oil-Free Cream is also used for the treatment and control of the following diseases and conditions:

Skin aging

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Papulex Oil-Free Cream helps reduce skin blemishes and control oil. Contains moisturizers to hydrate and protect the skin plus special mattifying agents to help skin stay shine-free. An oil-in-water emulsion free from vegetable and mineral oils, that helps in reducing inflammatory lesions and in regulating sebum production.

Hydroxy acid-free
Helps control oily skin
Dermatologically tested
Can be used day and night
Moisturises and mattifies the skin.


Also effective to prevent and treat Folliculitis after shaving.
Anti-blemish hydrating skincare for combination and oily acne-prone skin
Apply after cleansing or after papulex treatment gel twice a day, morning and evening. Massage gently for the cream to be absorbed.

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