Ubicar cream is manufactured by Fourrts, which was founded in 1977 with a strong commitment to society to deliver quality health care. Fourrts with its impressive standing in the Pharma Industry for the last 40 years is committed to excellence in health care. Fourrts is an Ethical, Transparent, Spirited, and Vibrant organization with a progressive outlook.

Ubicar Cream is a flavonoid semi-synthetic drug that is used in the treatment of blood vessel disorders like venous stasis, varicose veins, lymphedema, etc. Additionally, it helps to control and treat internal hemorrhoids and excessive thinning of the blood. It has several ways that it affects the body. It helps in the vasoconstriction of vein walls by extending the effect of norepinephrine on these walls. This helps in improving circulation through veins. Ubicar Cream also has a similar effect on the lymph vessels thus improving lymphatic drainage as well. Additionally, by reducing prostaglandin levels in the body it helps in bringing down inflammation.

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Ubicar Cream is contraindicated in the case of problems like kidney disease, diarrhea, sarcoidosis, high calcium levels in the blood, kidney Stone, Addison's disease, high amount of potassium in the blood, Thomson disease, etc. While information about the interaction of Ubicar Cream with drugs, food ad alcohols is unavailable, it is still recommended to consult with a doctor prior to usage of the drug as the dosage will depend upon the medical history of the person and health conditions like pregnancy, preexisting diseases, etc. The usage of the drug has some common side effects like abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache which improve gradually with time.


Varicose veins


This medicine is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Clean and dry the affected area and apply the cream. Wash your hands after applying, unless hands are the affected area.


Ubicar Cream is a semisynthetic drug to treat venous disease. The drug reduces venous capacitance and distensibility by delaying norepinephrine’s vasoconstriction effect on the vein walls. The drug also increases the intensity and frequency of lymphatic contractions thereby improving lymphatic drainage.

Expert Advice

Do not take Ubicar Cream for more than three months without medical supervision.
Ubicar Cream is safe to use for a period of three months for most of the patients.

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