Wunder Eye Advance Cream helps in reducing these blemishes under the eye Extremely light in texture. Gets absorbed in seconds. Keeps the under-eye skin moisturized for the whole day. It is an Under-eye cream for dark circles, blemishes & puffiness. The botanical formula of the under eye cream is suitable for individuals with all skin types including sensitive skin.


Reduces puffiness
Improves dark circles
Soothes and makes skin firm
Fades dark-pigmentation under the eye
Does not cause burning or stinging in the eye

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Directions for Use:

Cleanse the skin with water
Use twice day i.e Morning & Night
Apply for Wunder Eye Advance under the eye before facial moisturizer
Dabb small amount of the cream under the eye and massage for 15-20 seconds until absorption

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  1. Keeping with safety, it is always essential that your fingers be clean before applying eye cream, this is especially so if you are placing your finger into a pot rather than squeezing a tube of eye cream. best eye cream for wrinkles